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First KiZz Night Basel

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First KiZz Night 1.1.2022 DJ Nice Life & JJ / 2G+ / NO MASK

Let’s start the 1st day of 2022 with
DJ Nice & JJ behind the turntables 🙂
Entry CHF : CHF 20.– Entry Rules for the party:
acc. to the Swiss auhorities we can only let people in who are vaccinated/ recovered AND can show an additional Test (Antigen or PCR) –> 2G+ ->
Exception: People who have a booster/ vaccination/ or are recovered in the last 4 month don’t need the addtional Antigen/ PCR test! You can get a Antigen Quicktest directly in the Apotheke or Testcenters around Basel – BRING a valid ID document with a photo (passport, identity card or driver’s license) – Handy thats can use Internet – our Testcenter is open from 21:00 – 23:30!

We advise you to get the tests early in order to waiting too long at our own testing center
For more information you can PN or mail us for further support

Legal Disclaimer:
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